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NSHMBA Foundation:

The NSHMBA Foundation is committed to educational excellence for Hispanics. The NSHMBA Foundation focuses in expanding and improving educational and leadership opportunities for Hispanics at all levels of the educational spectrum. The Foundation seeks to ensure that all Hispanic Americans have access to a quality college education that prepares them for college and a career.

The NSHMBA Foundation is committed to educational excellence of Hispanics.
In response to a national imperative to help restore the U.S. to its role as a global leader in
education and to strengthen the nation by improving educational outcome for Hispanics,
the NSHMBA Foundation has launched the:

Click here to view the National Hispanic Education and Empowerment Campaign.

In the coming decades, Hispanics will continue to drive the growth of the labor force, as
they will account for 60 percent of the nation’s population growth between 2005 and 2050.
For this reason, Hispanic success in education and in the labor market is of both immediate
and long-term importance to America’s economy.

Be Part of the Solution !!

  • For Aspiring MBA Holders
    GMAT Prep Scholarship Award

    Through this program, NSHMBA plans to help increase the number of Hispanics who earn high GMAT scores and complete a graduate business education. The program will provide scholarship recipients with a choice of in-person or live online coursework from Veritas Prep’s top instructors who have scored in the 99th percentile on their actual GMAT exams, 12 GMAT lesson books and a variety of additional valuable benefits designed to help the scholarship recipients achieve their highest possible GMAT scores.

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  • For Professional MBAs
    Conference Scholarship Award

    The NSHMBA Conference Scholarship is an opportunity for Hispanics in the United States who are interested in looking for professional business opportunities in corporate America. This scholarship connects applicants to our network of corporate and other business partners through an experience that provides professional development, job-seeking skills, and face-to-face interaction with recruiters from top corporations.

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Additional Scholarship Programs

NSHMBA’s University Partners offer the following types of assistance: Scholarship

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