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Membership FAQs

Membership Frequently Asked Questions


How can I join NSHMBA?

You can join or renew your membership online at


Do I need an MBA?

You do not need an MBA to become a member.


How much does it cost to join?  Are there different membership levels available?

You can select from four membership levels according to your level of education and needs.


           ·   Student (Proof of student status will be required upon registration)
                  -      Undergraduate $20
                   -      Graduate $30   
          ·    Professional $120

         ·   Executive $500

          ·    Lifetime
                    -      Professional $1,200
                    -      Executive $5,000


*You can register to become a member here


I can’t register for the Membership Category I want...
Please make sure all information is completed and updated on your profile. If you do not see the desired membership after confirming your information, please contact the Membership Department via to resolve this issue.

Why is there no options for Associate memberships?

Beginning January 1, 2015 Associate memberships are no longer available for new registrants.


Are there any membership promotions and if so, how often?

Various membership promotions occur throughout the year both to become a member and registration for special events.


What is the membership cancellation policy?

NSHMBA Membership Cancellation Policy:


NSHMBA Memberships are on a calendar year basis, and expire on December 31st. Cancellations received within 30 days of purchase, are eligible for a 50% refund of the membership fee. Cancellations received after 30 days or memberships purchased during conference time (September & October), are non-refundable. All cancellations must be submitted by email to Be sure to include "Cancellation for NSHMBA Membership" in the subject line.


  *NSHMBA reserves the right to update this cancellation policy any time.


Is the "My NSHMBA” Site Secure for My Credit Card Transactions?
All credit card payments received through our online application are verified through Bluepay which is PCI compliant.

Will I Receive a Receipt for My Credit Transaction?
Yes, once your payment has been processed (online) members will receive an instant e-mail notification from NSHMBA thanking you for your recent payment. In addition, 2 days after the membership transaction has been completed members are able to look on the "My NSHMBA” site and click on “Invoicing, Payments & History.”

When does my membership expire?

Your membership is good for a calendar year.  It will expire on December 31st of that year.

I’d Like To Upgrade My Membership – How Can I Do That?
Once you are signed into "My NSHMBA” you are able to renew/upgrade your membership under “Invoicing, Payments & History.” For additional information on the different types of NSHMBA membership, please
click here


How Can I Tell If My Membership Is Current?
Members are able to see if they are a current member by signing into their "My NSHMBA” page.

How Do I Log onto the "My NSHMBA” Site?

Type in the address bar of your web browser. Once at the NSHMBA website, you will see a member’s only login section on the right side of your screen. Use your login and password from your membership confirmation e-mail to sign in and access your member benefits.

How Can I Renew My Membership Through the NSHMBA Website?
Once you are logged into the "My NSHMBA” page go to the “Invoicing, Payments & History” section and select the “Membership” link to renew your membership. NOTE: if you have a promotional code, you must use it at the time of renewal.

When Is the Last Date to Renew My NSHMBA Membership?
There is no last date to renew your NSHMBA membership. You can renew anytime of the year, that membership will be good for the current calendar year. Memberships purchased after the NSHMBA National Conference will expire on December 31st of the following year.

Can I change my Chapter Affiliation?

Yes, you can change your chapter affiliation by contacting the Membership Department by e-mail at


How Can I Tell If My Membership Renewal Payment Has Been Processed?
All (online) payment transactions will generate an instant email message from NSHMBA confirming and thanking you for your payment. You are also able to retrieve a printable receipt from the member’s "My NSHMBA” page by clicking on the “Receipt of past transactions” link to fulfill your request.


What Is My Username and Password?
On the address bar of your web browser put in the address of Once in the NSHMBA website, look to the My NSHMBA Login panel and click on “forgot my username” or “password.” Fill in all necessary information and click on submit. You will receive an e-mail in your preferred e-mail inbox giving all information necessary to login.

How Do I Change My Username and Password?
Log into your "My NSHMBA” page, look under “Information & Settings” and click on the “Edit Bio” link.  You will be led to a screen where you are able to edit and change any and all information, including your Username and Password. Make sure to confirm your changes once you have made them.

I have been locked out of my NSHMBA, what do I do next?
Lock out occurs when there has been three incorrect attempts to log in. Please wait 5-10 minutes for the website to allow access attempts again. If you have forgotten your login and password information, please click on the Forgotten Password link or go to: If you are still not able to login, please email us at Make sure to include your name, address, email address on your email.

How Can I Find My Member Number?
Once members are logged into the "My NSHMBA” site, your number will be shown in the Membership Card link under “Information & Settings.”

How Can I Change My Professional Information, Academic Status or Personal Contact Information?

Log into your "My NSHMBA” page, look under “Information & Settings” and click on the “Edit Bio” link.  You will be led to a screen where you are able to edit and change any and all information, including your professional details. Make sure to confirm your changes once you have made them.

How Do I Log Out of the "My NSHMBA” Site?

In the upper right hand corner of your "My NSHMBA” page you will see a “Log out” link.  Simply click to log out.

How do I specify which emails I want to receive?

Log into your "My NSHMBA” page, look under “Information & Settings” and click on the “My Preferences” link.


Does it cost to sign up for the job board?

NektPro does not charge candidates to sign up.  You can register here.


I am an active member of NSHMBA, how do I access the NSHMBA Career Center?
You can access NektPro under the “Career Sources link” on the NSHMBA website home page.


Where and when is the National Conference?

The 2015 National Conference will be in Chicago, IL from October 8-10.


How do I find out more information about the Career Expo?

More information on conferences can be found on the NSHMBA site here.  This information will be updated as we move forward to conference time; be sure to check back often!



How do I find out more information on my local chapter?

You can find out more information on the chapters here.  The Chapter Boards welcomes any questions; feel free to contact them or join them at an event.


I want to be a member but there is no local chapter where I live.  What do I do?

You can register to be affiliated with the closet chapter to your location.  NSHMBA has 40 chapters across the United States and Puerto Rico with more chapters forming every year.


What events are going on?

You can access the national and local calendar here.


I want to get more involved.

The Chapters are run by volunteers.  If you are interested in helping out contact your local board. 


I want to be a NSHBMA Chapter Officer.  Is there a membership requirement?

A Chapter Office membership must be a Professional, Executive or Lifetime member in order to be eligible for elections. A Chapter Officer must also keep a current active Professional, Executive or Lifetime membership in order to be in good standing.



*NSHMBA reserves the right to change and/or update the Membership FAQ information at any time.


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