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2012 Brillante Nomination Form

Brillante Nomination Form

Please Note: Individuals currently serving as NSHMBA Chapter Officers, Board of Directors members, Corporate Advisory Board representatives and NSHMBA staff are ineligible to be nominated or selected as Brillante Award Recipients within the year of service.

An individual cannot receive a Brillante Award for Excellence more than once in a lifetime for the same category. Organizations can receive a Brillante Award once every five years, including in the same category. Thus, in order to be considered for 2012, an organization must not have won since 2008.

Nomination Checklist

Please verify that each nominee meets eligibility requirements. Confirm each nomination package for completeness, using these guidelines:

  • Before you send your nomination, verify that the nominee’s name is spelled correctly and is consistent on all materials. Confirm this is the way the nominee prefers use of their name for print and publicity.
  • Nominees must agree to participate before submitting nominations.
  • Please include a completed Brillante Award for Excellence nomination form.
  • The justification statement must be 300-900 words. If it is longer, you will be asked to revise and resubmit it.

Justification Statement

Each nomination must be accompanied by a justification statement that concisely describes the nominee’s career achievements related to each of the above criteria, in the exact same order as the criteria are listed. A short opening paragraph that describes the nominee’s current responsibilities would help the judges distinguish between ongoing work and extraordinary performance.

Since review board members may or may not know the intricacies of your nominee’s program or responsibilities, it is important to include all pertinent information in a readable format. Ensuring that statements are neat, organized, and well-written will make it easier for your nominee’s achievements to receive the consideration they deserve.

We have found that it helps if you:

  • Are well organized. Organize the justification in the same order as the criteria. State criterion one, support it, state criterion two, etc.
  • Are specific. State actions taken, impact on stakeholders, staffing levels, budget amounts, organization size, etc. Include information about customer and employee feedback, as appropriate.

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