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This year we celebrate NSHMBA’s 25th Anniversary. We have paved this road on a foundation of your caring and strategic guidance. We are very proud of this milestone and are extremely grateful that you have played a significant part in NSHMBA’s success.

We want to commemorate our success by ensuring that the NSHMBA Foundation is able to impact even more Hispanic business students for thenext 25 years. As demonstrated in the appeal program by three other past Chairs of our National Board, I am confident we share the value that there is nothing more important to our success then our ability to support and mentor Hispanic graduate students.

Today I’m asking for your additional support with the new NSHMBA Ambassador Program. You have seen first hand how education makes a life changing difference in our communities. This program consists of leaders like you wanting to make a difference - national leaders who continue to crusade with an extraordinary passion, continue to advocate for our mission,and generously support our Foundation in order to advance Hispanic professional leadership and education.I hope that you will give to NSHMBA today and also encourage those in your network to help our great organization. click here to  make your personal gift online today. If you are already donating to the foundation annually, thank you!Your dedication, loyalty and notably your past service to NSHMBA are greatly appreciated. Your continued engagement and support will make a huge difference to so many deserving Hispanics as we charge ahead in the next 25 years.

Why I’m supporting the NSHMBA
Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Campaign.


Manny Martinez     
Donna Blancero
National Chair
(2002 - 2003)
Chair Emeritus (2004)
(1998 - 2001)

NYC Chapter VP of
Education (1996)
President (1996 - 1997)
Brillante Award
Recipient (2011)

National Chair (2004 - 2005)
Chair Emeritus (2006)
Board Member (1995-2006)

"I am supporting the NSHMBA Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Campaign because it is the right thing to do. NSHMBA has given me an incredible opportunity to build my career, develop valuable leadership skills, and build a network of professionals and friends that continue to enrich my life. I am supporting the campaign because others who come behind me deserve these same opportunities. This campaign will allow me to contribute towards a legacy I can be proud of and that others can benefit from. It all starts here. It all starts now.”

"I have seen  first hand how an education makes a huge difference in the quality of life of people. Clearly, salaries tend to be higher, but I am speaking more about opportunities, shared communities and helping our families. For me, giving to the NSHMBA Foundation allows me to honor my family and my community by providing scholarships. As a first generation college graduate I know how important it is to providing funding.”

Ramiro J. Atristaín-Carrión

Corporate Advisory Board Chair & Founder (1999)
Brillante Award Recipient (1999)
Chicago Chapter President (1995-1996)
Lifetime Achievement Award (2011)
National Chair EmeritusChair (1997-1998)
Board Member (2006-2010)
NSHMBA Foundation Board (2011-present)
Editorial Board BJHR (2002-2010)
"There’s nothing more important to the future success of NSHMBA members than our ability to secure scholarship support so that the very best students will continue to think that attending graduate school is a realistic possibility. We need you to understand the significance of this challenge and to want to be part of it. By participating in the NSHMBA Scholarship fund, you will also be part of helping NSHMBA have an impact on the formation of the future leadership in our country and in our world. Like those who have come before them, these young people will carry on the ideal of being women and men for others. In my mind, the conclusion is clear that there is nothing more important for NSHMBA than to support with funding MBA students into the future. And from 1993 until now, in whatever role I’ve had at NSHMBA, I’ve recognized the singular importance of sustaining that commitment.”

We want to recognize you for your fundraising efforts with our NSHMBA Ambassador Program. click here


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