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2013 Brillante Awards


2013 Brillante Nomination PERIOD IS CLOSED!!


2013 Brillante Awards for Excellence

Each year the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA) seeks nominations for those outstanding individuals, businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and companies whose endeavors coincide with the NSHMBA mission and directly benefit the advancement and recognition of Hispanics and the Hispanic communities across the nation.

2013 nominations are now open for the below categories:


This category recognizes a corporate partner who has a proven track record of success in the recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce including the executive level. This corporation supports the NSHMBA mission and supports educational initiatives that impact the community they serve.

Particular attention is given to:

  • The organization’s sustainable efforts to recruit, hire, and retain a diverse workforce.
  • How well the organization has increased its representation of Hispanic professionals, executives, and board members.
  • The CEO’s commitment and involvement in both the organization’s diversity efforts and their involvement with NSHMBA events.
  • The organization’s diversity initiatives (including diversity council, employee resource groups, and internal and external communication strategies focused around these efforts).
  • The organization’s philanthropic activities in supporting educational advancement within the Hispanic community (including support made to the NSHMBA Scholarship program and/or other non-profit educational initiatives/organizations).
  • The organization is a NSHMBA partner and advocates and supports the NSHMBA mission and initiatives.


This category recognizes a higher education institution that advocates on behalf of diverse communities and students. This candidate has successful educational programs dedicated to fostering Hispanics and preparing them for advanced educational, career and leadership opportunities. This institution must have a successful and proven track record in educational programs targeted at Hispanics. This institution has been a true example of advocating collaborative partnerships, and/or funding sources.

Particular attention is given to:

  • The institution’s role in advocating on behalf of diverse communities.
  • The institution’s activities that promote increased representation of underrepresented groups including sponsoring or promoting diversity initiatives (i.e. conferences, workshops, and services).
  • The institution’s historical success and accomplishments in fostering Hispanics, preparing them for advanced educational opportunities.
  • The institution’s partnership and/or relationship (i.e. including length of time and any mutual grants or funding sources) with NSHMBA and/or other non-profit educational initiatives/organizations.
  • The institution’s support network and initiatives designed to bridge outcomes for Hispanic students while promoting a seamless path from recruitment to graduation at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • The institution’s collaborative partnerships with NSHMBA and/or other non-profit educational initiatives/organizations that foster recruitment, retention, development, and graduation of minority students nationwide as reflected by their student demographics.
  • The institution is a NSHMBA partner and advocates and supports the NSHMBA mission and initiatives.


This category recognizes an entrepreneur, government agency, non-profit organization and any other institution who exemplifies Hispanic leadership through their drive and success. This candidate also steps forward as an advocate for education and community collaborations that foster advancement in initiatives to empower Hispanics and assist them to further their educational and professional pursuits. This candidate advocates and supports the NSHMBA mission and initiatives.

Particular attention is given to:

  • The candidate’s achievements and success within their business and the community at large, including any local, regional, or national recognition.
  • The candidate’s vision and passion and how well this message is conveyed to the Hispanic community.
  • The candidate’s leadership attributes and resource management skills that have advanced their business as well as NSHMBA’s mission and strategic goals.
  • The candidate’s commitment to social responsibility and giving back to their community, particularly in the area of educational and philanthropic initiatives supporting, cultivating and empowering Hispanics.

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