Prospanica is pleased to offer an exciting new benefit to members. In partnership with several leading graduate universities, Prospanica members are now eligible for tuition benefits up to $10,000 toward various degrees.

Please see university and degree options below and visit the member benefit site for more detailed information and instructions on how to apply.

MBA@Syracuse - $10,000 tuition benefit

Analytics@Syracuse - $5,000 tuition benefit

Accounting @Syracuse - $5,000 tuition benefit

Communications@Syracuse - $7,500 tuition benefit

DataScience@SMU - $7,000 tuition benefit

There are a limited number of scholarships available for each calendar year. To be eligible to receive the scholarship, applicants must:

· Be a member of Prospanica

· Express interest in the tuition benefit prior to his or her first drop/add period. No current students are eligible for this benefit.

· Be admitted to and subsequently enroll in one of the programs listed above

To apply for the tuition benefit, please follow the necessary steps below:

1. After being admitted to an affiliated tuition benefit program, inform the admissions staff of your interest in the Prospanica scholarship.

2. You will then complete the Prospanica scholarship application, which requires an essay response and proof of your academic history.

3. The Prospanica board will review your scholarship application and inform you of their decision.

4. If approved, your scholarship will be credited to your account throughout the length of the program.

Please direct inquires to or click the university links above to apply now!