Power of the Hispanic Market
Hosted by ABC 9

When:    Wednesday, October 3, 2012 at 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm
Where:   Valencia Room, Orange County Convention Center

Hispanics are hot.

How hot?

With $1.1 trillion in buying power and over 15% of eligible political voters, the burgeoning Hispanic influence in the U.S. is in the spotlight as never before.  

Remember that Ford Motor ad in Spanish during the NBA Finals? It’s just a glimpse of what lies ahead as marketers move in recognition of our economic might. Fox and NBC are building Spanish language programming and countless retailers are tripping over one another courting Hispanic shoppers. They’ve studied the demographics and know the truth.

And now the courting has spread to City Halls and the halls of Congress. Hispanics are flexing their political muscle there too. This year presidential candidates are courting Hispanic votes that could determine who sits in the White House.

Now, as NSHMBA members convene for our national convention in Orlando, it’s time to shine a bright light on the Game Changing Impact of Hispanic Power.

Come early and join us for a high-powered panel discussion that’s sure to draw national attention. In conjunction with our media partner ABC-TV and sponsored by NSHMBA, here’s your chance to be part of an historic event.

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Pedro E. Segarra
Mayor, Hartford Connecticut

Franco Ordoñez National National Correspondent McClatchy Newspapers

Joakin Wijkstrom
Chief Marketing Officer
Perry Ellis

Val Demings
Candidate, 10th District
U.S. House of Representatives

Mark Hugo Lopez
Associate Director,
Pew Hispanic Center

Manny Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer
National Society of Hispanic MBAs

Wanda Rentas
Kissimmee City Commissioner- Seat 2

Marco Pena
Candidate, 49th District
House of Representatives

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Greg Warmoth
Anchor, ABC 9
Panel Moderator

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National Society of Hispanic MBAs