Entrepreneurial Success Program
Saturday, October 6, 2012


The Entrepreneurial Success Program (ESP) is the result of discussions and ideation on how to provide and educational and knowledge exchange program in the area of entrepreneurship. This innovative program is a collaborative effort with one of our business partners Nationwide, a thought leader in business innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.


Four, 90-minute sessions with a cumulative course structure. The majority of attendees participate in all four sessions as follows:

  • Session 1 - Entrepreneurship and the Competitiveness of Cities:
    The purpose of this panel is to present and discuss Orlando, Miami, and Houston’s "best practices” in planning and implementing strategies to foster economic development and growth in their urban locales, with an emphasis on knowledge-based industries. Included would be the roles of the private sector, public-private partnerships, educational institutions and NGOs. Each panelist has an exciting story to tell about how their economic development organizations that are achieving success in enriching the economic ecosystem of their respective locales.

    Jerry Haar, Ph.D.
    Rick Weddle
    Frank R. Nero
    Massey Villarreal

  • Session 2 - Generating an Innovative Idea:
    This session will demonstrate how entrepreneurs generate game-changing business ideas, and train participants in the skills and processes that produce innovative businesses.

  • Session 3 - Leveraging Social Media to Market Your Business Idea:
    This session will focus on how social media might be used to launch a new venture in a competitive marketplace. In the process, participants will learn the benefits and key strategies for deploying social media to reach potential customers worldwide.

    Jacques Hart

  • Session 4 - Funding New Ventures
    This session will consist of a fast-paced and enlightening panel session designed to unearth the keys and options for financing a new venture. Participants will gain insight from interacting with a distinguished group of angel investors, current entrepreneurs, and U.S. Small Business Administration experts, and will find direction for obtaining the necessary funds for their own business ventures.

    Richard Licursi

Entrepreneurial Success Program Speakers

National Society of Hispanic MBAs