This is a NSHMBA program that collaborates with local non profits which work with high school students between the ages of 13 to 18; the goal of which is ensuring the success and increasing the likelihood that the students will pursue a college education after graduating high school. The students have an opportunity to complete a pre-training session on a university’s campus where they are introduced to current undergraduate students, admissions counselors, and financial aid advisors.

Then, the students are invited to the NSHMBA 2012 Annual Conference & Career Expo where they are exposed to an atmosphere that is conducive to higher education. Each participant receives a toolkit of information filled with current trends in the application process to college that will aide them in meeting deadlines and increasing their sense of readiness to go to college.

Education for Success will provide:
•    Introduction of what is conference and NSHMBA? 
•    Seminars for setting goals, map your life in the future, motivate youth for success
•    Planning for college dreams
•    Dress for success
•    MBA Ambassadors will share their experience
•    Further guidance on college admissions
•    Opportunity to meet with local employers who are eager to recruit local Hispanic as part of their diversity initiatives
•    Opportunity to meet members of the NSHMBA National Board of Directors and Chapter Leadership
•    A tour of the NSHMBA National Conference Career Expo which will include over 200 fortune five hundred company booths and is attended by over 6,000 Hispanic students and professionals from across the United States

While the mission of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs, is to increase the number of Hispanics with graduate degrees, we realize that building a pipeline of Hispanic high school students is one key to success.

National Society of Hispanic MBAs