Entertainment: Grupo Fantasma

Grupo Fantasma has been praised as one of the most important independent acts in the Latin genre and has continually defied expectations to create one of the most unique musical voices to come out of the United States in the last decade. In 2011 they garnered further acclaim by winning a Grammy (their second such nomination) for their self-produced release El Existential on Nat Geo Music which the Wall Street Journal called "Latin music both new and traditional…vibrant fusions that transcend easy classification.”

Grupo Fantasma is a ten piece musical collective formed in 2000 in Austin, Texas consisting of Jose Galeano (timbales, vocals), Kino Esparza (vocals, hand percussion), Adrian Quesada (guitar), Beto Martinez (guitar), Greg Gonzalez (bass), John Speice (drums), Matthew "Sweet Lou” Holmes (congas), Gilbert Elorreaga (trumpet), Josh Levy (baritone saxophone) and Mark "Speedy” Gonzales (trombone).

From the Press...

"Latin music both new and traditional...vibrant fusions that transcend easy classification" –Wall Street Journal

"Tightly weaving Anglo, Afro and Latin musical genres, El Existential takes on an identity of its own. They blast off in their own funktified, genre-breaking directions.” - Billboard

"Fantasma is honing a decidedly 21st-century version of Latin groove.” - Boston Globe

"One of the decade’s most important artists in the Latin genre.” – All Music Guide

"The ten members of Grupo Fantasma represent a new generation in Latin music.” – Washington Post

"Famous for their incendiary live shows.” – Toronto Sun

"The most adventurous pan-cultural Latin band.” – San Antonio Current