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Imagine at one conference transforming your job search and career from average to superior. Think of the new and expanded NSHMBA Career Management Center (CMC) as your personal career boot camp where you will experience in-depth coaching, real-time document editing, live interview practice and hands-on social media training.

Design your own four-hour coaching program and schedule in any of the following areas: Resume and Profile Writing, Interviewing, Career Management Coaching and Social Media Coaching.

Whether you are in transition, currently employed, or looking for ways to advance your career, the CMC has specialized services to assist you delivered by our elite team of certified resume writers, job search experts, career coaches and HR professionals.

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Date & Time:
- Thurs, October 10, 10 AM – 7 PM
- Friday, October 11, 8 AM – 6 PM
- Saturday, October 12, 9 AM – 2 PM

Check in at Room 217 A
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

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- Résumés Critique & Editing
- LinkedIn/NSHMBA Profile Critique
- Mock One-on-One Interview
- Mock Panel Interview
- Elevator Pitch Practice
- Telephone/Skype Interview Prep
- Job Search Coaching
- Professionals@Work Coaching
- Executive Coaching
- Personal Career Brand
- Online Identity Audit & Management
- Online & Mobile Job Search
- Résumé Edit, Upload & Print

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About the program

Résumé Critique & Editing                                                                                                 Back to Top

As we all know, we never have a second chance to make a first impression. Your résumé is the first impression an employer has of your skills and experience – it is the key to opening the door to an interview. Make yours an eye-catcher! Our experts will assist you with editing and enhancing your résumé and cover letters. Specifically, you will receive:

A personal résumé critique
Specific recommendations and editing to improve your résumé
Industry-specific résumé development questionnaires and tools
Résumé and cover letter writing checklists
Instructions: Bring a hard copy of your résumé and one on a portable flash drive (if you have one).

LinkedIn/NSHMBA Profile Critique & Editing                                                 Back to Top

LinkedIn & NSHMBA profiles that are branded, keyword-specific and tuned for Search Engine Optimization attract recruiters to you. Our expert online identity content writers will work with you to edit your social media profiles. Specifically, you will receive:

A personal LinkedIn and/or NSHMBA Profile critique
Specific recommendations and editing to improve your profile
LinkedIn and social media profile writing guidelines, samples and checklists

Mock One-on-One Interview                                                                                             Back to Top

Learn to turn your interview into a job offer! Our Interview Clinic offers you with a 20-30 minute structured one-on-one mock interview with experienced coaches and HR professionals. This unique experience will improve your success at the formal interviews conducted by employers during the Career Expo and with companies after the conference. Specifically, you will receive:

Formal practice interview
Written and oral evaluations of your interview skills and specific recommendations for improvement Interviewing checklists, worksheets and resources

Mock Panel Interview                                                                                                         Back to Top

Experience and practice a live panel interview with team of experienced coaches and HR professionals. Many companies use this format as a time-saving way to have decision makers, who will likely interact with you in the new job, interview you and gather their impressions all at once. Develop strategies to successfully navigate and ace the panel interview. Specifically, you will receive:

Formal practice panel interview
Written and oral evaluations of your panel interview skills and specific recommendations for improvement Panel interview checklists, worksheets and resources

Elevator Pitch Practice                                                                                                      Back to Top

Making a critical first impression with employers can sometimes feel overwhelming. Our experts will work with you to craft your 30 second to 2 minute elevator speech so that you make a positive and memorable first impression. You will be able to:

Practice your introduction to Career Expo exhibitors
Rehearse your formal interview opening Hone your networking conversations
Obtain elevator speech worksheets and resource

Telephone and Skype Interview Preparation                                                                Back to Top

Telephone and Skype interviews are a common candidate screening practice by employers. They require a different type of preparation and execution than traditional interviews. Our experts will work with you to effectively prepare, execute and turn your interview into high definition winning conversations.

One-on-One coaching
Development of your strategy, preparation and execution plan.
Obtain telephone and video interview worksheets and resources

Job Search                                                                                                                           Back to Top

Create a blueprint for a successful job search. Receive one-on-one coaching to address your specific job search needs. Specifically, you will learn how to:

Manage your job search campaign
Survive a Layoff
Market your résumé and cover letters effectively
Network successfully
Leverage online tools and social network sites
Generate interviews and get past gatekeepers
Skillfully negotiate salary
Navigate the Career Expo
Effectively utilize job search checklists and resources

Professionals@Work                                                                                                        Back to Top

Today more than ever, professionals need to be conscientious in managing their careers for job security and advancement. Receive personal coaching to take your career to the next level. You may choose coaching on any of the topics below:

Navigating the Workplace
Managing the performance review process
Critical conversations and communication skills
Leveraging career advisers, mentors and sponsors
Managing your online identity Your specific issues

Executives                                                                                                                            Back to Top

Life in the C-suite presents unique pressures and challenges. Our senior coaches bring real life experience to help you address critical issues in your career. You may choose coaching on any of the topics below:

Managing your career as an executive
Leadership development strategies
Navigating the C-Suite
Your specific issues

Personal Career Brand                                                                                                    Back to Top

To be successful in today’s world of work you need to develop, evolve and communicate a compelling personal career brand. Receive one-on-one coaching on the process of building your authentic brand. Specifically, you will learn how to:

Identify and evolve your personal career brand
Communicate your personal career brand
Cultivate a network of brand champions
Effectively utilize personal brand checklists and resources

Online Identity Audit, Management and Networking                                                 Back to Top

Having a strong or targeted online presence is vital to your career success. Are you digitally distinct or invisible? Work on-on-one with a dedicated coach in our expanded computer center to:

Conduct a personal online identity audit to assess your current strengths and weaknesses
Create, maintain and optimize your online profiles
Leverage online tools and social networking sites to build your digital footprint and create new and sustainable visibility for your candidacy or career growth
Effectively navigate social media; develop, evolve and optimize your online identity; Learn how to maintain it in just minutes a day
Receive online career management checklists and tips.

Online and Mobile Job Search                                                                                        Back to Top

Online / mobile job recruitment is transforming daily. Candidates who leverage proven job search strategies and tools improve their success. Work one-on-one with a dedicated coach in our expanded computer center to:

Maximize the powerful job search options of NSHMBA/Nektrpo, LinkedIn, Twitter and targeted social networking sites.
Mobile-ize your job search by using the latest apps, widgets and more.
Navigate employer websites to get past the hiring gatekeepers and build relationships that can generate an interview.
Receive online and mobile job search checklists and tips.

Résumé Editing, Uploading & Printing Computer Center                                         Back to Top

Computer stations and printers will be available for you to:
Edit your revised résumé
Upload your résumé to Career Expo Exhibitors via NektPro powered by NSHMBA
Print your documents on résumé paper for future use
Be sure to bring your résumé on a portable flash drive.

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